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Our Lady and St Oswald's Catholic Primary School

Our Lady and St Oswald's Catholic Primary School

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School Values

  • Respect
  • Understanding
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Understanding
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Understanding


We watched Year 6 leave for their week at Arthog, hoping that the torrential rain would ease as they got nearer the coast.

Mrs Jones has just called (11.40am) to say they have arrived and are now settling in.   The weather has eased but it is very overcast.


We will be hearing from the group each day and will update this news piece with any news.


MONDAY 20/03/17  2.15PM

Children all fed and watered.  Everything unpacked, beds made and - best of all - the sun has come out!!


TUESDAY 21/03/17 8.00AM

We all had a quiet night and the children slept well. The weather is set to be dry today,although this won't really bother us as we are going gorge walking this morning! Everyone is sure to get wet anyway.

 This afternoon, we are raft building so a fun day ahead.

 All the children are fine and enjoying themselves so far. We have had no accidents and no tears!  

The latest set of photographs give you a taste of what we did yesterday.


WEDNESDAY 22/03/17 8.30AM


After a very wet night, we have woken up to find the surrounding mountains covered with's freezing!!

The children got soaked yesterday, so luckily we have dry activities today, starting with a Trailquest( Which is always great fun!).

 We enjoyed the raft building and the instructors were impressed with how well the children worked together and in particular their good manners towards one another.

  The food at Arthog is always good and I think we are all constantly full up-certainly keeps the cold at bay!

 It's time for us to layer up and trek around the hills.


THURSDAY 23/03/17 8.23AM


We've woken up to a beautiful's forecast to be dry all day which is great as we  are climbing this morning and canoeing this afternoon,though no doubt that some of the children will get wet when they 'accidentally' fall in! We had a trek through the forest yesterday, solving clues for rewards as we went. The reward was a camp fire and a mug of hot chocolate while we ate our butties.  

 The children had great fun last night doing the night line-I'm sure they will fill you in when they get home.


FRIDAY 24/03/2017  8.11AM


After yesterday and our rock climbing (pictures below) we are now on our final morning at Arthog and while the children are looking forward to seeing family and friends, there is also a tinge of sadness that this is our last day here.

Don't worry though we are bringing lots of stories home - and lots of washing too!!