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Our Lady and St Oswald's Catholic Primary School

With Christ at our centre; we can live, love and learn together to be the best we can

School Values

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  • Respect
  • Understanding
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Understanding

St Thérèse

Arthog Photos - Year 6 - 16th - 20th May 2022

Y6 Marches Competition. The Marches are running a competition for all the new Y6 into Y7 pupils. Please have a look below and have a go. There are some worthy prizes on offer.

Arthog Activities Draft Plan: Please check out the draft plan of the weeks activities.

Summer Half Term 1 Medium Term Planning

SCIENCE - Electricity - Year six have had fun in science this week making circuits. They have learnt about electrical currents, wires, volts and amps. They designed their circuits and then made them to see if they would work - Lets just say we had a lot of noise from the buzzers!

Arthog / SAT information power point for parents.

We are getting so excited in St Therese class about our upcoming trip to Arthog Outdoor Education center. We have been talking about it in class and even written a few lists, the lists mainly consisting of sweets and chocolate! - We are on the countdown.... 46 days!

Spring Term 2 Weekly Planning

Eat Well Week - Jollof Rice - What a fantastic eat well week we had, full of fun, food and full tummies. As a class we made a super healthy Jollof rice which blended nicely with our Africa topic. Year 6 set to work, cutting up peppers, sweet potato, scotch bonnet peppers and all the other ingredients. The staff room smelt amazing! We all lined up once it was cooked to have a plateful of our creation.... I think all of year six would agree that it was very VERY HOT!!! They all came back for seconds though! Great effort and team work Year 6.

Eat Well Week


Please read the recipe from the link below and let me know if there is any issue with your child preparing or eating the ingredients during Eat Well Week. We are going to be making it on Thursday so please get your permissions into school before then.

Thank you.

Mrs. Stowell & Mrs. Abercrombie


Jollof rice recipe - BBC Food



4th February 2022 - NSPCC NUMBER DAY - Number Day has been a great day today at school. The children and staff have had so much fun, dressing up in our number clothing or wearing shapes. It has given the children the opportunity to apply their maths skills to everyday scenarios, whilst raising money for such a fantastic cause with our cake sale. Year 6 have taken part in the 'Smartie party' sticky puzzles and Professor Leighton Mathematical adventure. Its been a great day had by all, and we even got to eat the smarties!

12th January 2022 - Science - This week we have been looking at the circulatory system. We carried out an experiment to see what happens when blood types are mixed. We made our own blood, which everyone really enjoyed and then carried out our experiment. Please ask your child what happened when we mixed the different blood types. Next week we will be looking at the function of the heart.

Spring 2022 Welcome Letter

Spring 2022 Parents Information Power Point

Class Weekly Plan Spring Half Term 1 2022

Spring Term 2022 Class Timetable

Prayer Stations - Within school each class has set up their own prayer station. Each station is a part of the nativity story with its own bible extract and a fun activity to take part in. Today it was Year 6 turn to visit each station and complete the activity with our school Chaplains. We made a wish, designed a special prayer on a donkey, decorated a sheep and other did many more activities along the way. It was lovely to take part in the prayer trail and see everyone having fun.

9-12-21 - A Pantomime Visit - Today we had a fantastic performance of Aladdin presented to us in school. We had fun and laughter with plenty of booing with all our friends, we even got to ride a magic carpet.

9-12-21 Year 6 had a wonderful surprise today when Mrs Quine came into class to give us a special present each. Mrs Quine had taken the time to knit every member of Year 6 a little toy Penguin. They are all wonderful and each has their own little hat and scarf set all in different colors. We all gave our penguins a name and they will be coming on a special adventure to Arthog next year with us. - Thank you Mrs Quine from all of Year 6

Big Maths 6/12/21 - Another fantastic week of brilliant achievements in Big Math. - Amazing Year 6!

BIG MATHS! - This week we had lots of achievements in big maths.- Well Done Year 6

Friday 26th November - Dazzle ship painting. Today we painted our Dazzle ships, we used acrylic paints to create our designs onto our clay ships. It was a little messy but great fun, everyone copied the designs we had done in our topic book really well. The Dazzle ships will be coming home soon so you can have a closer look at some great work.

19th November - Children in Need - This morning we were joined on screen by Joe Wickes, the nations PE teacher. We had a fantastic half an hour work out, we had lots of fun and it was a great start to our day.

WW1 DAZZLE SHIPS. This week as part of Art and our WW1 topic we have been looking at Dazzle Ships. We designed our own dazzle ship and then created them out of air drying clay. We had a lot of fun but it was slightly tricky to create the shape of the ship, but we all helped each other and we all ended up with a dazzle ship at the end of the session. Please watch for our update of the painted dazzle ships next week.

ANIMALS IN HANDS. We had a fantastic morning meeting lots of creatures and animals when Mo visited us on Thursday from Animals in Hands. We held some weird and wonderful animals, from a bright green chameleon and a rather large African bullfrog to stroking the wonderful silky feathers of a beautiful barn owl and the softest fur of a chinchilla. It was amazing to meet these animals up close. We also had a slithering time holding a slithery snake!

Y21 22 Medium Term Planning Autumn Half Term 2

13.9.21 St Therese Parent Meeting Power Point

Y6 2021/22 Autumn 1 Timetable

Y6 2021/22 Welcome Letter

To all our wonderful Y6 parents, 

We would both like to say a heartfelt thank you for all the lovely gifts and cards that we received from the children for the end of term.  Your kindness and generosity is overwhelming.

We have both been so privileged to spend this important and special year with the children and have been amazed at how well they coped with Lockdown and how they have all made such progress both academically and socially. They are a credit to you all.

We wish them all and you all the best for your future endeavours and look forward to hearing all about them.

Warmest Whishes,

Mrs. Stowell & Mrs. Abercrombie.



Hi Everyone and welcome back to the Summer Half Term 2. Please keep an eye on the newsletters every week as they contain details of this half terms Home Learning tasks. These will be research based and will culminate in the children creating their own Museum worthy Iron Age exhibition posters.

Please let me know if there are any issues , using the class email address

Best Regards, Mrs. Stowell.

Summer Half Term 2 Planning

St. Therese celebrated Andrew's 11th Birthday with a cake made by our FABULOUS cook Mrs Brown. We all enjoyed it.

Marches Computer Game Competition

Please find attached a copy of The Marches Virtual Offer Competition. The deadline for this is Friday 28th May.

Science Competition from Marches open to all Y6 children.

Competition from Marches open to all Y6 children. The Marches have sent this competition, open to all primary pupils which you may like to take part in.

Half Term 5 DT Home Learning Task

Summer Half Term 5 Timetable

Summer Term Half Term 5 Planning

Summer Half Term 5 & 6 Pop Tasks

March 2021 Inside Out Winners

Passion Play 2021 The children were amazing this morning, when we filmed our part in the schools Passion Play. Here are some stills to give you a flavour before the film is shared with you.

Welcome to the Spring Term 2021

I would like to welcome you all back to the start of a brand new year and a brand new term full of wonerful, exciting and interesting learning opportunities. I hope you all had a lovely and relaxing Christmas and are raring to be challenged in your learning journey. This term's main topic is AFRICA. We will be looking at African stories, Art, Music and focusing especially on the geography of the continent. If you can start looking for interesting stories or facts to bring in please do. 

In the post below you will see the Half Term's planing. Thisis a guide and will be changed to accomodate catching up with some maths and English from the previous term, due to COVID. If there are any issues or quesries, please do  not hessitate to get in touch via the calss email.

I would also like to take this opportunity in welcoming Mrs S. Abercrombie to the class as our new Teaching Assistant. I know you will all make her feel very welcome. 

Best Regards,

Mrs A. Stowell

Spring Half Term 1 Planning Overview

Friday 18th December 2020




Looking forward to seeing you all in the New Year.


Keep safe and well


Mrs. Stowell


Friday 18th December 2020

Wednesday 16th December 2020

I have begun to add all the powerpoints that the children have been creating about an aspect of the World Wars that they wanted to research into. They are absolutely amazing and full of really interesting facts. Please have a look and let me know what you think.

If you have sent me your but cannot see it please email me a reminder and I will upload as soon as I can.

Bst Regards,

Mrs. Stowell

HI All,

The children have requested to watch the following films (possibly , if there is enough time) next week, as part of their Christmas celebrations. They are `Goodnight Mr Tom`, `Christopher Robin` and `Goodbye Christopher Robin`. These have all been decidd by the children are all PG so I will need your emailed permission by Monday in order for the children to watch.  

Merry Christmas and Thank you. 

6.11.20 Home Learning

Just a quick reminder to say that the Home Learning this weekend is SPAG and Big Maths Safe, Learn its and Click as well as the spellings and sentences. The on line learning needs to be completed by Tuesday and the Spelling / Sentences is due in on Friday 13th November. If there are any questions please email using the class email address.

Thank You, Mrs Stowell


2.11.20 Class Timetable

Spelling Test Words for test on 6.11.20

Hi Everyone,


Just a quick not to say that the children have worked very hard this half term and I hope they all enjoyed the last week, in which we made Dream Catchers, which were amazing, and watched War Horse which was very emotional and really rounded off our studies in World War 1.

I hope you all have a restful holiday and enjoy the `Family` activities of Bread Making and the Oswestry War Walk. You might see me around as I am planning to do the walk too and take my own photos of the sites featured on it - I look forward to reading the emails and seeing all your photos too.

Ms Ryan and I wish you all a very happy and restful holiday.

Stay Safe,

Mrs Stowell & Ms Ryan

19.10.20 Class Weekly Timetable

Hi All,

Four notices this week:

1.  The SPAG this week is all about `Terminology` and the children will need to use their grammar glossary documents to help them. Please help the children to finish it ready for Tuesday morning when I will be looking at the results. Thank You.

2. Thanks to all who have given permission for the `Bread` tasting lesson. I am still waiting for a few so please get those permissions to me via the class email before the end of the week.

3. To finish off the Half Term studying World War 1 and reading War Horse , we are planning to watch `War Horse` on the last day of the half term. The film will put into context the book and its context more clearly. The film is a certicficate 12 and I will need your permissions to allow the children to watch it. If you agree , please get those permissions to me via the class email as soon as possible.

4. As from next week, the children will be doing their Forest Schools lesson at 9.30 on Friday mornings. Therefore, the children may come to school in their Forest School clothes as long as they bring their uniform with them to change into after. 

Thank you all,

Mrs Stowell



Week Beginning 12.10.20 Timetable

Friday 2nd October 2020

Hi All,

Just a quick note to say that the for this weekend is about Synonyms and Antonyms. I have set two exercises, which have only 10 questions in each set. Please encourage the children to use their Grammar Glossary documents in order to maximise the learning.

The Big Maths should also be completed before Tuesday morning in order for the system to reload the next exercises ready for the following week.

Thank You.

Mrs Stowell 

Week Beginning 28.9.20 Class Timetable

Hi All,

Just a quick note to say that the for this weekend is about Parenthesis and Commas. I have set two exercises, which have only 10 questions in each set. Please encourage the children to use their Grammar Glossary documents in order to maximise the learning.

The Big Maths should also be completed before Tuesday morning.

Thank You.

Mrs Stowell 

Week Beginning 21.9.20 Class Timetable

Science : Thursday 17th September 2020

Mr Boffey will be teaching a practical lesson for the Light topic on Thursday and has requested that the children bring in a creal box , if tey can, in order to make Periscopes, to demonstrate that light travels in straight lines.

In order to faciliate this amid Corona restrictions, I ask parents to place the cereal box in a tied bag and leave at home for 48 hours before the children bring it in on Thursday morning.

Thank you all for your cooperation and support.

As usual, any questions, please do not hestitate to contact me via the class email.

Mrs Stowell


Week Beginning 14.9.20Timetable

The first full week has flown by and has been so enjoyable. Thank you to all the parents for their support with getting the children on track with their homework. A few points have been raised which I shall clarify.

1. SPAG and Big Maths (3 exercises) are set on a Friday to be completed by Tuesday. For the SPAG, please encourage the children to use thier Grammar Glossary document in order to fully engage with the learning.

2. Monday Maths Club will require the children to complete some work which will be due back on the following Monday.

3. Thursday English Club will require the children to complete some work which will be due back on the following Thursday.

4. The children should be heard reading a minimum of three times a week.

Thank you for your continued support in this. Please do not hesitate to email me at the class email if you require any further clarification or detail.

Mrs Stowell


Wk Beginning 7.9.20 Timetable

It has been a wonderful first few days back and I hope that the children have enjoyed being back in class as much as Ms Ryan have enjoyed being with them . There is homework this week - we have set a SPAG exercise on expanded noun phrases and the Big Maths Click, Learn it and Safe. This is to check that all the log ins and passwords work and that all the children can access this facility each week. Ms Ryan and I will check that all has been completed by Tuessday. These exercises will be set everyweek on a Friday for completion by Tuesday. Thank you.

September 20/21


Week Beginning 31.8.20 Class Timetable

Please be aware with the Medium Term Planning that this document reflects the planning for a `normal` Autumn Term. Whilst we will endeavour to cover the majority of this work, with the addition of the `Recovery Curriculum ` there will not be time. Therefore, a timetable will be added to the class web page weekly to show you exactly what parts of the planning will be completed each week.  

Autumn 1 Medium Term Planning

16.7.20 DL

15.7.20 DL

14.7.20 DL

13.7.20 DL

2020 Leavers Photos

St Therese's class, with some pupils at home who joined us,  had a teams meeting with Mr Kemble from the Marches this morning. It  was both interesting and informative. Mr Kemble sign posted us to the Marches Y6 into 7 Transition page, a link to which I have included here:

The children this morning, had a chance to go on the page and felt that it was: `reassuring`, `interesting`, `the videos were nice because we could figure out what lessons we would be doing`, `the videos were informative about how they would teach the lessons` and `interesting to see the different classrooms`.

It is well worth a few minutes of your time to look at, as Mr Kemble said that there were lots of activities to do that would support the children's transition.

Hi everyone, just a quick note to say that Ms Ryan and I are really looking forward to seeing you all when you come in for your `days`. Could I ask though, when you come in , that you please bring your copy of  `Framed` with you as we shall be needing it for next year. Thank you.  Take Care. Mrs Stowell.

16.6.20 DL

15.6.20 DL

15.6.20 Theme Park Maths

15.6.20 Curse of the Moon Child Chapter 2

Weekend cheeky Challenge No 24

Weekend Cheeky Challenge No. 23

12.6.20 DL

11.6.20 DL

10.6.20 DL

10.6.20 Pobble 365

9.6.20 DL

9.6.20 Class Room Secrets Maths Power Point

9.6.20 The Cinema Mystery

8.6.20 DL

8.6.20 Fiction Express: The Curse.. Chapter 1

Cheeky Challenge No 22

Cheeky Challenge No 21

5.6.20 DL

5.6.20 The Gadgets T4W

4.6.20 DL

3.6.20 DL

3.6.30 Class Room Secrets Maths Power Point

3.6.20 Pobble 365

2.6.20 DL

2.6.20 Class Room Secrets Maths Power Point

2.6.20 Murder at the Movies

1.6.20 DL

1.6.20 Class Room Secrets Maths Power Point

1.6.20 Fiction Express Chapter 5

Weekend Cheeky Challenge No 20

Weekend Cheeky Challenge No 19

Big Maths


I have set Big Maths tasks for all the children to complete. Please login by using the following details:


Pin: 0539

Username: Pupils first name ending in 1 , e.g. Jimmy1.

Password: Stherese6


These activities are aimed at increasing mental speed and support the work completed in school.

I have deliberately set lower levels to allow pupils to learn how to use the programme on the computer and get used to the question types again. 


Please complete on a Friday. A new set of tasks will be available each week.

Weekend Cheeky Challenge No 18

Weekend Cheeky Challenge No 17

22.5.20 DL

22.5.20 Class Room Secrets Maths Power Point

22.5.20 Class Room Secrets Guided Reading

21.5.20 DL

21.5.20 Class Room Secrets Maths Power Point

20.5.20 DL

20.5.20 Class Room Secrets Maths Power Point

19.5.20 DL

19.5.20 Class Room Secrets Maths Power Point

18.5.20 DL

18.5.20 Class Room Secrets Maths Power Point

Cheeky Challenge No 15

15.5.20 DL

15.5.20 Class Room Secrets Maths Power Point

15.5.20 The City: Guided Reading Pack

14.5.20 DL

14.5.20 Class Room Secrets Maths Power Point

13.5.20 DL

13.5.20 Class Room Secrets Maths Power Point

13.5.20 Pobble 365

12.5.20 DL

To access a wider range of lessons for Y6 across a range of subjects use the following link~:

11.5.20 DL

11.5.20 Class Room Secrets Maths Power Point

11.5.20 Chapter 3 - Cursed

Weekend Cheeky Challenge No. 14

Weekend Cheeky Challenge No.13

8.5.20 DL

8.5.20 Class Room Secrets Maths Power Point

7.5.20 DL

7.5.20 Class Room Secrets Maths Power Point


6.5.20 DL

5.5.20 DL

5.5.20 Class Room Secrets Maths Power Point

4.5.20 DL

4.5.20 Class Room Secrets Maths Power Point

4.5.20 The Hidden Curse - Chapter 2

Weekend Cheeky Challenge No. 12

Weekend Cheeky Challenge No. 11

1.5.20 DL

1.5.20 Class Room Secrets Maths Power Point

30.4.20 DL

30.4.20 Class Room Secrets Maths Power Point

29.4.20 DL

29.4.20 Class Room Secrets Maths Power Point

29.4.20 T4W

28.4.20 DL

27.4.20 DL

27.4.20 Class Room Secrets Maths Power Point

Weekend Cheeky Challenge No. 10

Weekend Cheeky Challenge No. 9

Hi All, 

Just a quick reminder for you all to take part in the weekly email competition. The details are further down the page (It's Competition Time 23.3.20), but the more information you send the more points you get and the more chance of a prize there is. Today I have totalled up this weeks scores and another prize is on its way out in the post. 

Good Luck all, and I will start the points chart off again on Monday.

Mrs Stowell

24.4.20 DL

24.4.20 Class Room Secrets Maths Power Point

23.4.20 DL

23.4.20 Class Room Secrets Maths Power Point

22.4.20 DL

22.4.20 Class Room Secrets Maths Power Point

Additional English if T4W is completed

21.4.20 DL

21.4.20 Class Room Secrets Maths Power Point

Additional English GPS , if T4W is already completed.

20.4.20 DL

20.4.20 Academic Time

20.4.20 Class Room Secrets Maths Power Point

Art Competition Winners

Weekend Cheeky Challenge No. 8

Weekend Cheeky Challenge No. 7

Hi All,

I hope that you have had a good Easter Holiday and that you are raring to go for the new weeks worth of Distane Learning. A few points first.

1. Please email me with a picture of your `art` entry, so that I can put them on our class web page and ask the `secret judge` to find the top 3 winners. Email deadline is 5 p.m. Sunday 19th April.

2. Please make sure you have your new log in details, for some new and exciting work this week. If you do not have these log ins, please email me and I will get them to you.

3. The class email `competition` starts again on Monday so remember to email me with all the details of your day. Prizes will be delivered  / sent on Friday evening after the 4p.m. deadline.

Good Luck All.

Stay Safe, Keep well,

Mrs Stowell


Easter Week 2 : Art Competition

Weekend Cheeky Challenge No. 6

Weekend Cheeky Challenge No. 5

Weekend Cheeky Challenge No. 4

Weekend Cheeky Challenge No. 3

Well done to our second weeks challenge winner who has been notified. A surprise has been delivered. The winner recieved 26 points. All scores are now reset to 0 and the competition gets underway after the Easter Holiday.  Remember, the competition for the Art Award runs during the second week of the Easter Holiday and I look forward to all your emailed entries.
Maths Activities,  in addition to the Easter work,  if you require them,  are available on the Maths Curriculum page. 

3.4.20 Framed Power Point Slides

3.4.20 DL

2.4.20 DL

2.4.20 Class Room Sectrets Maths Power Point


Please would you all email me so that I can send you new log in details for some new and exciting activities coming soon. 

1.4.20 DL

1.4.20 Framed PPT Slides

1.4.20 Class Room Secrets Maths Power Point

Hi All,

Just a quick note to let you know that I have added some maths challenges to the maths page. Go to curriculum and then click on the Maths icon and click on challenges. There are KS1, LKS2 and UKS2. Have a go and let me know how you get on. Solutions are available on request. Some of the younger ones take some thought, so have a go at those too. 

Mrs Stowell

31.3.20 DL

31.3.20 Class Room Secrets Maths Power Point

30.3.20 DL

30.3.20 Class Room Secrets Maths Power Point

Well done to our first weeks challenge winner who has been notified. A surprise is on its way. The winner recieved 21 points. All scores are now reset to 0 and the competition gets underway again on Monday. Don't forget that evidence of the Cheeky Challenges completed over the weekend will also get extra points added onto next weeks totals.

Weekend Cheeky Challenge No.2

Weekend Cheeky Challenge No.1

It's Competition Time!!

27.3.20 DL

27.3.20 Class Room Secrets Maths Power Point

26.3.20 DL

26.3.20 Class Room Secrets Maths Power Point

25.3.20 DL

25.3.20 Class Room Secrets Maths Power Point

24.3.20 DL

24.3.20 Class Room Secrets Maths Power Point

23.3.20 DL

23.3.2020 Classroom Secrets Maths Power Point

20.3.20 DL Learning Plan

20.3.20 Classroom Secrets Maths Powerpoint

19.3.20 DL Learning Plan

D&T and Science lung project.

Salt Dough Maps of Brazil

Spring Welcome Letter

St Therese Prayer

Beowulf Competition Winner

For information about the skills and progression that your child's educational journey should be making , please visit the subject Curriculum pages.

Medium Term Plan Autumn 2

Tatton Park Viking Day 2019

Science `Light` Day

October Saint's Prayer Trail

Macmillan Coffee Morning 2019