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Every child has a right to benefit from the educational opportunities school offers.  However some face significant barriers to their learning, either short-term or long-term.  When problems occur, extra support and guidance may be needed and in these circumstances our Learning Mentor will :  

 *work with teaching and other staff to identify those needing extra help to overcome barriers to learning; drawing up and implementing an action plan for each child needing particular support and developing one-to-one supportive relationships with each child aimed at achieving goals defined in the plan;

* maintain regular contact with families/carers of children receiving support and encourage positive family involvement in each child’s learning; 

* build up a full knowledge of the range of support available for pupils and act as the single point of contact for accessing this support;      

* work with one-to-one individual support, in group work in or out of class and play activities and liaise with parents, teachers and outside agencies;  

* observe, plan, negotiate, set targets, encourage and monitor.


Help can be provided for anger, anxiety, low aspirations, low attainment, attendance problems, behaviour problems, bereavement, weak concentration, low motivation, low self-esteem, separation, weak social skills, transition between schools or underachievement.

It is very important that families and school work together so parents/carers will be contacted early and kept informed throughout the mentoring period.  Our Learning Mentor will liaise with parents/carers over any monitoring/reward system  and offer help through links to other support agencies.


Our Learning Mentor is:  Mrs Charlotte Jones