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Our Lady and St Oswald's Catholic Primary School

Our Lady and St Oswald's Catholic Primary School

With Christ at our centre; we can live, love and learn together to be the best we can

School Values

  • Respect
  • Understanding
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Understanding
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Understanding

St. Martin's

Year 3 & 4 Bryntisilio Visits

Y5 Glan Llyn Information Power Point

Christmas crowns

Christmas Apple pies

Children in Need 2021, Glitter, Sparkles, and Pudsey Bear.

Subject Knowledge - Vicious Vikings

Timetable Autumn 2021

Welcome Back - Autumn 2021

Den building.


Crocus Walk 2021

Remote Learning Timetable Spring 2021 (All lessons are on TEAMS)

MTP Spring Term 2021

Star of the Week 18.9.20 - Kieron

Star of the Week 11.9.20 - Anna

Timetable Autumn 2020

MTP Autumn Term 1 2020


Bella's Chronological Report

DL PLAN 10.7.20

How to be a Goblin Catcher by Bella

DL PLAN 9.7.20

How to care for your pet pizza goblin by Bella

Bella's fantastic art work.

DL PLAN 8.7.20

DL PLAN 7.7.20

How cute is Lucinda's new cat Georgia? She has been rescued from the Sleepy Cat Rescue and is nine years old.

Bella's Pizza Goblin Fact Poster

Well done to Poppy who has completed her 600 piece jigsaw.

Lucinda performing for her neighbours.

Another batch of tasty french butter croissants by Lucinda the Curly Baker. Tres delicieux!

DL PLAN 1.7.20

Black Lives Matter - Fantastic Work Bella

DL PLAN 29.6.20

The end of another week already!

Yesterday I received a letter through the post from Issy. Thank you so much. It was lovey to hear about your adventures through lockdown and really made me smile.  In class we have been enjoying jigsaw puzzles and we would like to set you a challenge. Who can complete the biggest jigsaw?  Send your photos in so that we can share them on this page.

The Rainforest - by Issy and her sisters

Still image for this video

Bella has been learning about the Spanish Armada and has enjoyed some painting.

I love this story by Issy - The Elecheeturk

Luca has been busy fishing. He asked for a fishing rod for his birthday and the first time he used it he caught a perch. He did put it back. He's keen to go again and catch something bigger. Maybe a shark?

Kidnapped by Bella

The Curly Baker is back. This time with her great grandmother's recipe for chocolate cake. Looks delicious.

National Corn on the Cob Day!

Your home made crazy golf looks great Bella.

Congratulations to Lucinda who has achieved her Gold Award for playing the Tenor Horn and has also completed a Chinese Language course

Bella has not missed any of Joe's workouts. Well done.

Fantastic Alien Adverts by Bella

Andrew has celebrated his tenth birthday and has been very busy.

Have a look at this great PowerPoint by Alice & Isabella

Fantastic Descriptive Writing Bella

DL PLAN 2.6.20

Issy and Connie froze balloons, put one egg in sprite and another one in water to make glue.

Welcome back. Hope you have been having lots of fun in the sun. I look forward to hearing all about it. DL Plan 1.6.20

Bella's Amazing Newspaper

DL PLAN 22.5.20

This lucky caterpillar was rescued by Penny from her trampoline.

Alice 'I have been doing a pondweed experiment, we have watched the pondweed use the sunlight to make oxygen bubbles. I have also drawn a picture to show plants making their food and oxygen.'

DL PLAN 21.5.20

DL PLAN 20.5.20

Please check out our school Facebook page for our 'Beat the Staff' challenges. Keep moving and have fun!  Who will win?

DL PLAN 19.5.20

Seren & Freya had a great time on their Scavenger Hunt.

Bea has been working so hard in her garden this weekend - those cucamelons are starting to really grow! They are now planted in the greenhouse with the tomatoes. She also planted her runner beans. They went on a walk where Bea pretended to be the statue of liberty on top of a bit tree stump, and when they got home they had some of Bea’s delicious chocolate brownies.

DL PLAN 18.5.20

Seren & Freya's Delicious Pizzas.

Bella's Pizza Party

Penny's Special Message

Lucinda's Special Journey

DL PLAN 15.5.20

Lost by Alice

Bella's Limerick

Lucinda has been helping to paint the house. Very brave!

DL PLAN 14.5.2020

DL PLAN 13.5.20

DL PLAN 12.5.20

Bella's Model of Stonehenge

A Fantastic Story By Alice

DL PLAN 11.5.2020

Dear Pupils & Families.

As we have now completed six weeks at home I just wanted to say that I miss you all.  Please continue to send me messages and photos of what you are doing and feel free to email any questions or concerns.  Have a lovely bank holiday weekend.

Take Care & Stay Safe

Vanessa Kara

Reggie is holding up some of the 9 luscious lettuces that were grown from seeds we planted in Eat well week. He enjoyed a BLT wrap for lunch with homegrown leaves!!

Issy & Connie's Super Solar System.

DL PLAN 7.5.20

Oli's Fantastic Artwork

DL PLAN 6.5.20

Alice's Alien Story

An Alien Story by Bella

DL PLAN 5.5.20

DL PLAN 4.5.20

Dragons - by Christian

Bea's Amazing Pizza

Freya & Seren have been busy baking. Masterchef watch out!

DL PLAN 01.05.20

Another talented artist. Well done Lukas.

It was also lovely to hear from Bea today who has spent her time doing lots of gardening and walking. I am really interested in the Cucamelons that she has grown. They look like mini watermelons but taste like cucumbers!

We have some very talented pupils in our class. Bunty has sent us his amazing artwork. I'm so impressed.

Alice has been making flatbread and it looks delicious!


I have set Big Maths tasks for all children to complete.  Please login by using the following detals:

Pin: 0539

Username: Pupils first name ending in 1 (e.g. Hannah1)

Password: Stmartin1


These activities are aimed at increasing mental speed and continue on from the work we have been doing in school.

Have fun!

DL PLAN 30.4.20

Malachi's Fantastic Story

This is fantastic Connie. Thank you for sharing.

Still image for this video

DL PLAN 29.4.20

Bella has been working through the T4W tasks that have been set. This is her final story. Well done Bella.

Bella's Island

Maths Activities - Year 5

Look how busy Andrew and his family have been!

A fantastic Hedgehog Presentation. Good job Hannah.

Alice & Isabella have been learning about their family tree. Well done girls.

DL Plan 28.4.20

DL PLAN 27.4.20

Mini Olympics with Seren & Freya

DL PLAN 24.4.2020

DL PLAN 23.4.20 Theme - Mini Olympics

Reading Competition - Look at this fantastic Reading Den that Seren & Freya have made.

Penny's Fantastic Pyramid

DL PLAN 22.4.20

Reading Competition - Well done Annie, Bella & Lottie. Keep them coming.......

Seren & Freya - Fantastic Seaside Artwork

Issy & Connie

DL PLAN 21.4.2020

DL PLAN 20.4.20

I hope you have all managed to have lots of fun throughout this very different Easter Holiday. I'm looking forward to hearing about what you have all been up to.  I will continue to upload our distance learning plans each day and if you have any questions then please contact me. Please be assured that I will be answering emails that I have received throughout the break as soon as possible. Thank you. 

Please take care and stay safe.

Vanessa Kara

Christian's fantastic DR Who theme - Enter the TARDIS!!!!!!

Some fantastic rainbow art and science work. Well done Jayleen, Issy, Connie, Bella, Lottie & Annie.

DL Plan 3.4.2020

Our Busy Baker's Pastries

Thank you so much to all of the pupils (and parents) who have been emailing me with lovely photos and news about their day. I love hearing from you all. Tomorrow the theme is Rainbows so let's get creative!

Our Busy Baker Lucinda

Bella learning how to tie knots.

Fiction Express is offering a large amount of books and activities for free on their website. I have registered my class. Please contact me directly for your signing in details as each pupil has their own login. Thanks. Mrs Kara

Issy our Fantastic Artist!

Our Super Scientist Andrew!

Thank you for all of the fantastic photos that I have received today. I am very proud of all of you. Tomorrow is April Fools Day so I would love to hear what you get up to!

Thank you Annie, Seren, Freya & Andrew. You are all stars!


Still image for this video

Seren & Freya competed their story task and have sent us a recording of them. They really are fantastic girls.

Still image for this video

DLP 31.3.2020 Topic - Creepy Crawlies (I expect to be scared by your photos!!!)

Alice & Isabella having a lovely picnic.

My favourite book character - Elmer the Elephant. It's great Penny.

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend are are ready for a new week of online learning. The theme for Monday is picnic/feast. Maybe you could have a family picnic in the garden? If it rains carpet picnics can be just as much fun. I would love to see many more of your photos.

Take care 

Vanessa Kara

Lucinda having fun baking and Issy roller skating in her garage. I'm very jealous!

DL Plan 27.3.2020

It's been lovely to hear from some of you today. Please keep in touch. I would love to show some more of your fantastic activities.

Take care 

Mrs Kara

Thank you for these fantastic pictures. St. Martins have been very busy at home this week and we love seeing what you've been up to.

Alice has also been busy on her Brownie badges and has made a lovely cake highlighting our theme 'Hope'. I just wish I could taste it!

Fantastic Daisy. Well done!

Bella has been busy working on her Brownie badges and convincing her mum to let her cat sleep on her bed. Love it Bella. Well done (Let me know if it works!)

Hope you are all able to access the tasks that I have set. If you have any problems then please contact me.  The English plan for tomorrow involves writing parts of your own story. I would love to see some of them. Maybe you could even record yourself reading out your story?

Take care and be good for your parents!

Mrs Kara

DL Plan 24.3.2020

DL Plan 23.3.20

DL Plan 20.03.2020

DL Plan 19.03.2020

Science Experiment - How quickly germs spread!!!

Star of the Week 13.3.2020 SOPHIE

Star of the Week 6.3.2020 BUNTY

Bea's AMAZING mountain cakes tasted lovely. Well done Bea.

28.2.2020 Star of the Week - Andrew

Look at this model and information about Mountains that Andrew completed at home. A big Well Done!

Our Fantastic work on 'Mountains' Ruby & Hannah

Spring Term 2 - MTP

Star of the Week 14.2.2020 Seren

Star of the Week - 7th February 2020 Kaila

Inspirational People

Still image for this video
In RE we have been talking about people who inspire us. We have recorded each other for you to see.

Inspirational People

Still image for this video

Inspirational People

Still image for this video

Inspirational People

Still image for this video

Inspirational People

Still image for this video

Inspirational People

Still image for this video

Inspirational People

Still image for this video

Inspirational People

Still image for this video

Inspirational People

Still image for this video
In RE we have been talking about people who inspire us. We have recorded each other for you to see.

Letter - Library Visit- Monday, 3rd February

Spring Term MTP

Spring Term Timetable 2020

Spring Term 2020

Welcome back. We hope you have all enjoyed a lovely Christmas break and are looking forward to the new term. Our new topic is Mountains and in Science we are learning about the Digestive System. Homework will continue to be set on a Friday and is to be returned by the following Tuesday. Spellings and Big Maths tests are on Fridays and the results are sent home each week. Thank you so much for your continued support.

Wishing all our Families and friends a very MERRY CHRISTMAS

Our Fantastic Writers of the Week

MTP Autumn 2

Timetable Autumn 2019

Welcome to St. Martins Autumn 2019