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We are delighted to say that now the better weather has arrived, the pond project is moving on.    Mrs Rothera was on site over the holidays and has continued with the planting this week.   

We are expecting a donation of pond plants (more info to follow on this) so are looking for pond baskets for these.   If anyone has any spare they would be gratefully accepted.

Although the pond isn't fully set up yet, it hasn't stopped the wildlife arriving.  We have a small amount of Frogspawn, and a Newt has moved in too, which is great news and means the work hasn't interrupted the natural cycle of things.

We really appreciate the help we are getting from lots of you and are looking forward to being able to open the pond for the children's first dipping experience.

If anyone has any plants or baskets or time to help with this project please see either Mrs Rothera or Mrs Edmondson.