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All of a sudden the pond is transforming from a muddy area to a place of beauty.   It has not been without a lot of thought and work and we thank everyone who has been involved. 


As you will see from the photographs, the banks of the pond have been planted, the donated water lilies introduced to their new home and just this week, the latest delivery of plants have arrived ready.


The team have been really careful to include elements that will encourage wildlife to the area.  As well as the planting in the pond itself and special access areas, the frame for the bug hotel is completed, ready for the children to fill it.  Piles of logs have been placed to encourage other insects and animals to make their homes - or just as a stopping off place.  There is the start of a little island in the middle of the pond, planted to encourage rooting and growth.


A new compost bay has been built which will be re-sited once the fencing work has been done.  The broken slabs have been cleared and the area leveled so that the log seating circle can be used and bulbs have been planted among the plants you can currently see on the back bank.


The work is ongoing, but we would like to say a really big thank you to everyone who has and is working on this project; to those who have generously provided plants and other items and to the Friends of Our Ladies who are continuing fundraising to support this project and other external areas around the school.


Thank you to Mrs Rothera for the lovely photographs.