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The Rotary Club's Millicent Kaye Art Competition 2020

For the first time this year we are working with Oswestry Rotary Club and have a Rotakids Club in our school.    The ethos behind Rotakids is that it is never too early to start making a difference in the community.    Rotakids gives those aged 7 -12 years the chance to do just that.


Our Rotakid members 2018


Our Rotakids want to introduce themselves to you and tell you a little bit about what they have done so far.


Seren J:  we organised Jeans for Genes Day to raise money for people with genetic disorders.


Maisie:  we got onto the committee by doing a vote.


Eleanor:  We organise lots of charity events and collect and count the money.


Oli:  We raise money for charities.


Poppy:  Rotakids is all about raising money for charity.  We helped organise the school fayre and put up lots of stalls.


Bunty:  we raise money for people who are in hospital and need company.


Isla:  It's about being helpful and responsible citizens.


Ellie C:  Mrs O'Dwyer helps us plan fun events for us to do.


William R_R: Last year we organised the summer fayres and activities.


Cameron:  (we are) a committee for raising money for charities: national, international and local.


Basil: I really enjoy doing the Crocus Walk every year.  We would like to organise a School Bake Off next year.