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Shropshire Road Safety - Advice for Cycling with Children


Cycling can be a great way for children to keep physically active during the COVID -19 lockdown, when we are very restricted in our movements. A walk or a short cycle ride can become part of your daily exercise routine, helping give structure to the day and be an activity you can enjoy with your children living with you.


Here’s some advice and information to help you enjoy your cycling whist keeping safe and within the current guidelines (at 24 April 2020). Please note, this information is only appropriate for well and symptom free families living together in one household. Do not exercise if you have any symptoms.


Please check latest Government guidance at:

Cycling advice is regularly updated by Cycling UK at:


Cycling within the Government Guidelines


• Avoid any unnecessary risks, be extra careful and cycle well within all the family members limits. (Remember any injuries that may happen to cyclists would add to an already pressurized NHS.)

• Observe social distancing and keeping two metres away from others.

• Stay local and close to home. Avoid stopping if you can and if you do, don’t stop where there’s someone else. Observe social distancing.

• Plan your route to avoid parts you know are narrow and likely to be busy and think about the time of day you pick for your ride. Staying close to home will enable you to return by foot if you have a problem. Ride on routes you know well, that are close to home and that are well within your rider’s ability level/s.

• If on a cycle path, be prepared to stop and move over onto the verge to let them have enough space to pass.

• Before passing any other cyclist on the road, look all around and particularly behind to check it’s safe to do so.

• Wash your hands as soon as you are back indoors and a good idea to wash your kit and gloves too.


Below are lots of links to resources and activities for children of all ages which will help support road safety messages: